Online Workshops: Mindfulness and Self-compassion in Highly Sensitive People

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In the last 3 years, our team has focused on training emotional regulation in Highly Sensitive People (HSP). Overall, this trait is an extremely valuable quality with which HSP can achieve high-level goals in their professional and personal lives. However, often they struggle to manage intense emotions; their sensitivity can lead to them feeling easily hurt and shaken. Extra mental effort is required to maintain their emotions under control and for them to function effectively in their daily lives.

As a result, psychosomatic issues, depression and anxiety are common. With only 20-30% of the population being ascribed this trait, HSP tend to feel lonely and isolated, often lacking a sense of belonging amongst their peers. With our specifically designed mindfulness and compassion focus therapy groups, we offer the opportunity to better one’s emotional regulation, allowing for improved performance in both our professional and personal lives. 

Results seen in our Spanish language participants have been successful and extremely promising and we are keen to open the experience up to an international audience. 

Workshops are held exclusively online and run by Maria Alicia Martinez (certified Teacher of Mindfulness and Compassion Therapy), Dr. Vito Cavone and Dr. Marta Sanz (Psychiatrist and psychotherapist with extensive clinical experience, specialist in HSP evaluation)

For more information/registration:

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15 th; 22 th and 29 th of February at 5 p.m. (From 5 p.m to 6.30 p.m)

7 th; 14 th and 21 th of March at 5 p.m (From 5 p.m. to 6.30 p.m)


280 euros. Payment in advance